Terms & Conditions of hire; regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974

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1. Interpretation:

1.1. In these conditions
‘Supplier’ Horizon Mobility Ltd [HML], the supplier of the goods or services to the hirer
‘Hirer’ means the person whose order for the services is accepted by HML, and is identified in the contract entered into on line and confirmed in emails
‘Guarantor:’ If required, a guarantor will be required where the hirer will be 75 before the end of the contract and means the person identified as in clause 1.1
‘Conditions’ means the standard terms and conditions of supply set out in this document and online
‘Contract’ the hirer’s order form which has been completed online at the website or by telephone and HML acceptance of it, which will be subject to these Terms and Conditions at all times;
‘Variations’ to these terms and conditions will only be acceptable when in written format, no verbal variations on product or terms will have influence on them;
‘Duration’ means the duration of the contract
‘Primary Period’ or ‘Minimum Period’ means the duration of the contract
‘Secondary Period’ continuing period in multiples of the Primary Period
‘Equipment’ means a product of the specification and model notified by HML, which HML is to supply in accordance with the contract, pursuant to these conditions;
‘Services’ means the hire of equipment by HML to the hirer for the duration, subject at all times to these conditions
‘Working Days’ means all days excluding weekends and public holidays as well as the period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day in the country in which the hirer is domiciled for the purposes of this contract.
1.2. ‘Working Hours’ means the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm.
1.3. Words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.
1.4. A reference to a statute or statutory provision is a reference to it as it is in force for the time being, taking account of any amendment, extension or re-enactment and includes any subordinate legislation for the time being in force made under it.
1.5. A person includes a natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having a separate legal personality) and that person’s legal and personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns.
1.6. Where the words ‘include(s)’, ‘including’ or ‘in particular’ are used in these conditions, they are deemed to have the words ‘without limitation’ following them and where the context permits, the words ‘other’ and ‘otherwise’ are illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words preceding them.

2. Parties to this agreement:

2.1. Hirer: The person or persons entering into the hire of equipment
2.2. Owner: Horizon Mobility Limited. Trading address: Mobility House, Formal Industrial Park, Tewkesbury. GL20 8GY (“HML”)
2.3. Guarantor: A guarantor will be required where the hirer will be 75 before the end of the contract

3. Basis of contract

3.1. The contract with HML commences when the hirer places its order and gives its authorization to process payment for the contract, subject to any notification of non-acceptance from HML. If placing an order via the website you will receive an email response but please note that this does not mean that the order has been accepted.
3.2. HML will confirm its acceptance to the hirer either by sending the hirer an email that confirms acceptance of the order, or by confirming the order by telephone (“Order Confirmation”). The contract between HML and hirer will only be formed after HML receives payment for the minimum period and sends the order confirmation.
3.3. If HML are unable to supply a product, for example because that product is not in stock or is no longer available or because of an error in the price on the website, HML will inform the hirer of this either by email or telephone, and HML will supply a similar category product, or if none available, offer a refund to the hirer of the full amount as soon as possible.
3.4. By placing an order with HML, the hirer warrants that he or she is:

  1. Legally capable of entering into contracts;
  2. At least 18 years old; and
  3. Resident in England, Scotland or Wales.

4. Delivery

4.1. The hirer’s order will be fulfilled by the approximate delivery date set out in the order confirmation, unless there is an event outside HML control. If HML are unable to meet the estimated delivery date because of an event outside our control, HML will contact the hirer with a revised delivery date.
4.2. The hirer shall pay the costs of delivery, such costs to be included in the initial payment.
4.3. Delivery will be completed when HML or its courier, delivers the products to the address the hirer provided to HML when making its order.
4.4. If no one is available at the address to take delivery, HML will leave the hirer a note that the products have been returned to HML’s premises, in which case, please contact HML to rearrange delivery. A further charge for the delivery will be due.
4.5. Where delivery is by an independent courier service HML cannot be held responsible for timing on this delivery. HML will make every effort to ensure that the courier returns as soon as possible
4.6. The period of hire commences from time of delivery or attempted delivery and time of collection. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure someone is available to receive the goods between 8.00am and 8.00pm on the date of delivery.
4.7. The products will be the hirer’s responsibility from the completion of delivery, until collected by HML or its agent

5. Rental period

5.1. This hire agreement is for a period as specified on the order form and commences on the date of delivery of the product (“Primary Term”).
5.2. Upon expiry of the primary term the contract will automatically renew unless and until it is terminated by the Hirer giving 2 working days’ notice to HML (“Secondary Term”)
5.3. Frequency and period of payments are as agreed at time of order.
5.4. Hirer must return the product on time at the conclusion of the primary term if not requiring to continue on to the Secondary Term.
5.5. Failure by the hirer to make available the product for return beyond this agreed date, will result in the hirer being responsible for continued hire payments until such return is made.
5.6. If no one is available at the address to allow collection, HML will leave the hirer a note, and in which case, please contact HML to rearrange collection. A further charge for the collection will be due.
5.7. The product must be made available for collection at the original delivery address, unless the hirer has notified HML of a change of address, which HML has agreed in writing.

6. Hirer’s right to cancel the agreement

6.1. On confirmation of the contract for the Primary Term, the hirer shall have the right to terminate the contract by giving notice to HML within 14 working days from the date of order confirmation for a full refund. This right may be exercised by post to: Horizon Mobility Ltd, Formal Industrial Park, Tewkesbury, GL20 8GY, by email to sales@horizonmobility.com or by telephone on 0800 111 6234
6.2. by agreement the hirer will lose their right to the 14 days cancellation on this contract should the hirer request delivery to be made in less than the 14 working days from commencement of the contract.
6.3. Hirer shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving two working days’ notice prior to requested collection date. This to be made by contacting HML as in clause 6.1, but this termination shall not mitigate any outstanding hire payments which have not been paid up to date of termination, nor liabilities in the clauses below. Ongoing payments will cease two working days after notice of termination is given, subject to clause 12
6.4. In the event of the death of the hirer, then on the return of the goods this agreement shall be terminated but this termination shall not mitigate any outstanding hire payments, nor any liabilities to the Guarantor, as set out in the clauses below.

7. Hirer’s responsibilities

7.1. The hirer will provide adequate delivery and collection access to enable HML to deliver the products. The hirer shall sign a delivery note to acknowledge receipt of the product.
7.2 HML will always exercise care on delivery so as not to damage property or decor whilst delivering goods, HML will not be held liable for any accidental damage caused.
7.3. The hirer shall at all times keep the products properly stored, protected and insured in accordance with clause 14. The hirer shall make available to HML the certificate of insurance policy for inspection upon request by HML. Where appropriate, HML will provide fully comprehensive insurance on powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters
7.4. Hirer must look after the product and keys, where fitted keeping the product in good repair. Where appropriate, hirer must always lock the product when not using it, and will incur a charge of £15.50 for replacement of any lost key.
7.5. Hirer must ensure that the documents, user manual and tools supplied with the product are returned in clean condition. Failure to do so will result in a charge for replacement of £20.00
7.6. Where appropriate, the hirer must use any security device fitted to or supplied with the product, and hirer must ensure that he keeps the product fully charged where electrical batteries are fitted.
7.7. Hirer must ensure that the goods are stored in a safe fashion, out of the elements, which includes a weather resistant storage cover on items that can be stored outdoors. Wheelchairs must be stored indoors.
7.8. Hirer must not sell, rent or dispose of the product or any of its parts. Hirer must not give anyone any legal rights over the product.
7.9. Hirer must not let anyone work on the product without first having obtained HML’s written consent. Hirer will immediately notify HML of any breakdown or if the product is defective or damaged in any way and without any attempt to repair.
7.10. Hirer must let HML know as soon as he/she becomes aware of any defect(s) in the product. Hirer should use all reasonable endeavours to notify HML of defects within 7 days of the date of delivery.
7.11. Hirer will be liable for cosmetic damage to the product including bodywork and will be liable for the reasonable costs of repair.
7.12. Damages to batteries and tyres where the damage is as a result of misuse, such as failing to keep the batteries charged, which results in irrecoverable battery failure, will result in the hirer being charged for the costs of repair by HML.
7.13. Punctures in the tyres, or damage caused by driving with poorly inflated tyres will result in the hirer being charged for the costs of repair by HML.
7.14. Hirer will have to pay for repairs if the hirer does not make a successful claim for accidental damage on the insurance in accordance with clause 8, or any portion of the claim that the insurance will not meet.
7.15. The Hirer will accept the responsibility for any product supplied to them during the course of this contract as a temporary or long-term loan or replacement while their product is with HML.
7.16. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that when using the product, he/she complies with all relevant legislation and health and safety requirements.

8. Horizon Mobility Ltd responsibilities

8.1. HML will maintain the product to at least the manufacturer’s recommended standard. HML undertakes that the product is roadworthy if relevant and suitable for hire at the start of the hire period. HML can only be accountable for any maintenance problems if notified by the hirer, continued use by the Hirer once notification has been made will be the total responsibility of the Hirer. The hirer accepts all liability in this instance.
8.2. HML will ensure that equipment that requires a LOLER or PAT certificate will have a current one in place. Where a certificate is required during a period of hire, then the hirer must ensure they inform HML of this need.
8.3. If the hirer notifies HML of a breakdown or defect in accordance with clause 7 above, HML will endeavour to send an engineer to the hirer to inspect and repair or replace the product within 7 days of notification by the hirer, at no additional cost to the hirer, provided that the breakdown or damage is not a result of the misuse or negligence of the Hirer.

9. Property

9.1. HML is not responsible for loss or damage to property left in or on the product. Risk shall transfer to the hirer on the date of delivery of the product, and shall end on the date of collection by HML.

10. Conditions for using the product

10.1. The product must only be used by the person(s) named in the agreement, or by anyone HML authorises in writing.
10.2. Hirer or any authorised user must not:

  1. Resell, hire or lend the product.
  2. Use the product for any illegal purpose.
  3. Use the product for any purpose for which it was not designed.
  4. Pledge or in any way charge by way of security for any indebtedness of any of the products.
  5. Use the product following a notification of a defect to HML until such time as HML visits the hirer and effects repairs or replaces the product.

11. Collection or return of products

11.1. For any collection or return of products (whether as a result of the hirer’s cancellation of the contract, termination of the contract, for any other reason, for the purpose of repair, replacement or repossession of the product or otherwise):
11.2. The hirer is responsible for storing the reusable delivery box in which the product is sent in. The hirer shall also be responsible for securely packaging the product in this box before handing it over to HML, or its employees or agents for collection;
11.3. HML will always exercise care on collection so as not to damage property or decor whilst collecting goods, HML will not be held liable for any accidental damage caused.
11.4. The hirer grants HML, its agents and employees an irrevocable licence to enter any premises where the product is stored on reasonable prior notice for the purpose of collecting the product;
11.5. HML will use reasonable endeavours to collect the product in two working days following the hirer’s request;
11.6. HML will issue a ‘collection reference number’ in acknowledgement but the hirer shall remain responsible for the product until actual collection;
11.7. The hirer will remain liable for on-going hire charges, where a collection was unable to be made through the actions of the hirer, until the product is collected by HML or its employees or agents; and
11.8. The costs of any subsequent collection attempts will be paid by the Hirer.

12. Charges

12.1. Hirer will pay the following charges:

  1. The hire charge.
  2. Any charge for loss or damage resulting from non-compliance with Clause 4.
  3. The cost of repairing or replacing the product if it is damaged or stolen whilst in the care or responsibility of the hirer (even if it is not the fault of the hirer).
  4. Hirer may not have to pay the whole of the cost of repairing or replacing the product if the hirer has an insurance claim accepted by the insurance on the product.
  5. Any published or notified rates for delivering and collecting the product.
  6. On demand, HML costs, including reasonable legal fees where permitted by law, incurred in collecting payments due from the hirer under the Agreement.
  7. Value added tax and all other taxes and levies on any of the charges listed above, as appropriate.
  8. Hirer is responsible for all charges, even if he/she has asked someone else to be responsible for them.

12.2. The hirer shall make available a current active credit or debit card to allow such charges to be collected and hereby gives HML permission to use this card

13. Payment Terms

13.1. All payments for products shall be made by debit or credit card
13.2. Payments for products and all applicable delivery and collection charges shall be made weekly in advance.
13.3. If the hirer fails to make any payment on the due date then, without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to HML, HML shall be entitled to:

  1. Cancel the contract and suspend any further supply of services to the hirer until such time as the hirer has paid in full including any interest under these conditions;
  2. Recover any products already delivered to the hirer for which payment has not been received;
  3. Utilise any payment made by the hirer to HML against payment due under this contract (even if this payment has been made under any other contract between the hirer and HML) as HML may think fit; and
  4. Charge the hirer interest (both before and after any judgement) on the amount unpaid, at the rate of 8% per cent per annum above Barclay’s Bank plc’s base lending rate from time to time, calculated on a daily basis, until payment in full is made and will be liable for reasonable legal charges incurred by HML in the recovery of amounts due.

13.4. The Hirer shall not be entitled to withhold any payment (or part thereof) or make any deduction from the amount invoiced by HML in respect of any set-off or counterclaim unless such deduction or withholding is agreed in advance by HML in writing.

14. Warranty

14.1. HML warrants that the product will correspond in all material respects with its description given on the website at the time of delivery and for the duration of the contract.
14.2. The warrant in clause 15.1 does not apply where the defect arises from wilful damage, negligent use of the product, abnormal usage conditions, failure to follow HML’s instructions (whether oral or in writing), misuse or alteration or repair of the product without HML’s prior approval while the product is in the responsibility of the hirer in accordance with the terms of this contract.
14.3. Nothing in any contract or these conditions shall exclude or limit either party’s liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence, for fraudulent misrepresentations or for any other liability which cannot be legally excluded or limited.
14.4. Where any valid claim in respect of any product which is based on any defect in the quality, condition or quantity of the product is notified to HML in accordance with these conditions, HML shall be entitled to replace the product (or part of the product) free of charge, but this shall be the hirer’s sole remedy and HML shall have no further liability to the Hirer in this respect.
14.5. HML will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under the contract that is caused by an event outside our control. An event outside our control is defined below in clause 14.6.
14.6. An “Event outside our control” means any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation performance of third party couriers, strikes, lock-outs, or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks or impossibility of the use of railways, shopping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport.
14.7. If an event outside our control takes place that affects the performance of HML’s obligations under a contract.

  1. HML will contact the Hirer as soon as reasonably possible to notify the Hirer; and
  2. HML’s obligations under the contract will be suspended and the time for performance of HML’s obligations will be extended for the duration of the event outside our control. Where the event outside our control affects HML’s delivery of products to the hirer, HML will arrange a new delivery date with the hirer after the event outside our control is over.

15. Title

All goods for hire purposes remain the property of HML. If payment (or part) is overdue, we reserve the right to remove the goods and may enter upon the hirer’s premises for that purpose. The hirer grants HML the right to enter his/her premises in this instance.

16. Risk Protection

16.1. Where the product on hire is a motorised vehicle of the classification ‘Invalid Carriage’ then this will be supplied with fully comprehensive insurance cover subject to the terms of the insurance policy, which can be found on our website, or by request from HML
16.2. Where the agreement is for equipment not covered under 17.1 then the hirer is to insure the goods themselves.

17. What to do in case of accident or theft

If the hirer has an accident he must immediately notify HML and the insurance company. The hirer should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses. The hirer should also make the product secure. and tell the police immediately if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement as to the facts. The hirer must then fill in an insurers incident report form (which must also be filled in if the product is stolen) and send it to the address given as soon as practically possible. The hirer shall remain liable irrespective of whether he has completed this form.

18. HML’s right to vary these terms

HML may update these conditions periodically by giving the Hirer at least 30 days’ advance notice in writing (“Notice Period”) to the hirer’s email address. If HML makes a change to the contract which would reasonably be regarded as being to the hirer’s material detriment, the hirer may terminate the contract by giving HML written notice within 14 days of receipt of notice of the change from HML, such termination to take effect on expiry of the notice period

19. Guarantee

For the purposes of this clause 20 the following definition shall apply:

  1. Guaranteed obligations: all monies, debts and liabilities of any nature from time to time due or owing from or incurred by the hirer to HML.
  2. In consideration of HML entering into this agreement, the guarantor guarantees to HML that whenever the hirer does not pay any of the guaranteed obligations as and when they fall due, the guarantor shall make due and punctual payment to HML on demand of the guaranteed obligations.
  3. If the guaranteed obligations are, or become, unenforceable, invalid or illegal, the guarantor agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified HML in full and on demand from and against all and any losses, costs and expenses suffered on incurred by HML arising out of, or in connection with, any failure of the hirer to perform or discharge the guaranteed obligations.
  4. The guarantor as principal obligor and as a separate and independent obligation and liability from its obligations and liabilities under clause 19.2 agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified HML in full and on demand from and against all and any losses, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by HML arising out of, or in connection with, any failure of the Hirer to perform or discharge the guaranteed obligations.
  5. This guarantee is and shall at all times be a continuing security and shall cover the ultimate balance of all monies payable under this agreement, irrespective of any intermediate payment or discharge in full or in part of the Guaranteed Obligations.
  6. The liability of the guarantor under this guarantee shall not be reduced, discharged or otherwise adversely affected by:
    1. HML will contact the Hirer as soon as reasonably possible to notify the Hirer; and
    2. HML’s obligations under the contract will be suspended and the time for performance of HML’s obligations will be extended for the duration of the event outside our control. Where the event outside our control affects HML’s delivery of products to the hirer, HML will arrange a new delivery date with the hirer after the event outside our control is over.
  7. The guarantor waives any right it may have to require HML (or any trustee or agent on its behalf) to proceed against or enforce any other right to claim for payment, against any person before claiming from the Guarantor under this clause 20.

20. Information

HML will maintain the personal information on the agreement as part of HML records to assist it to maintain and improve its administration and management.

21. Governing law

The agreement is governed by the laws of England. Any dispute may be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. If any provision of this agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

IMPORTANT – You should read this carefully

Your rights

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 covers this agreement and lays down certain requirements for your protection which must be satisfied when the agreement is made. If they are not, the owner cannot enforce the agreement against you without a court order
The Act also gives you a number of rights. You can end this agreement by writing to the person you make your payments to and giving at least 1 months’ notice. In order to do this the agreement must have been allowed to run for at least 12 months, including 50% of the number of payments due from the date of the original agreement though this may include the period of notice. You will have to make all payments and pay any amounts you owe until the date the agreement comes to an end. If you would like to know more about your rights under the Act, contact either your local Trading Standards Department or your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau.
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 706661

Terms & Conditions of sale


  1. These conditions shall apply to all orders and contracts for the supply of equipment in the United Kingdom, by the company or its authorised distributor to customers, and if there are any qualification or variation to these conditions, it is important for the avoidance of doubt that such variations should be in writing (in the goods/services space overleaf)
  2. It is the intention of the company that all terms of the contract between the customer and the company are contained in this document and in brochures, and written specifications provided to the customer. If the customer wishes to rely on any variations in these terms, he is asked to ensure that such variations are written into this agreement or notified to the company in writing as soon as possible, but in any event before delivery of the goods
  3. All orders are subject to confirmation and acceptance by the sales manager based at the head office of the company. You will be entitled to withdraw from this agreement if there is a price increase which you consider is excessive. The current price tariff is available at the head office of the company as shown at the bottom of this page.

Terms of payment

  1. In the case of a cash sale, payment of the total price (less any deposit already paid) shall be made by the customer to the Company on delivery of the equipment
  2. Where a product is being custom made, a deposit of 50% of the total price will be required on order, the balance being payable on delivery
  3. In the case of sales financed by the obtaining of a loan from a finance company, delivery of the equipment shall not take place until the application for the loan has been approved by the finance company.

Alteration of design, etc.

  1. The company will use its best endeavours to supply the customer with the exact goods ordered but where this is not possible, the company shall notify the customer as soon as possible of any alterations to the design, specification or packaging of the equipment described in the sales literature and where alteration is fundamental to the goods ordered, the customer may terminate this contract and any deposit paid will be refunded


  1. The company provides a guarantee for 12 months from the date of supply on new equipment, and for 90 days from date of supply on second hand and ex-demo equipment.
  2. The company shall not be under any liability under paragraph 4(i) hereof in respect of any equipment which has been altered, tampered with or used otherwise than in accordance with the instructions issued by the company or where, name plates, labels or other markings affixed to the equipment by the company have been removed or tampered with
  3. The guarantee offered in paragraph 4 (i) and 4(ii) is transferable providing that the name and address of the new owner is provided, however travel costs will not be covered to the new owner.

Terms of delivery

  1. All delivery times and dates are given in good faith, but are only approximate. Should a delivery be delayed beyond a reasonable time then the customer may cancel the order.

Passing of property

  1. Property of the equipment sold shall remain the property of the company until delivered and paid for in full.

Notice of cancellation

  1. Other than the statutory rights of the customer the company will accept cancellation of this order within 14 days commencing from and including the date of delivery. This right can be exercised by formally forwarding the signed cancellation slip at the bottom of this contract overleaf to the company head office (address below). Cancellation may also be made by telephone to 01684 275626, or email to sales@horizonmobility.com . In the event of cancellation after this period, the company will be entitled to retain the deposit. The costs associated with the return of the goods will be the responsibility of the purchaser [Box 1 Page 1]. The goods must be returned in the same condition as received, complete with the original packaging, and damaged or missing items will be charged to the Ppurchaser
  2. Where the customer has visited the showroom in the course of decision making or to make the purchase, or is having a custom built product manufactured to their order, then there is no right of cancellation.

Statutory Rights

  1. Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty and incorrectly described goods and services. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights please contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

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