Guaranteed buy back

We are often asked about repurchase; Do we do this? The simple answer is yes, subject to the terms below.

  • The customer is not obliged to offer the product for sale to us, but can use this offer for an easy instant sale
  • In the event of the customer not being able to use the product for significant medical deterioration or death, we will repurchase the product by making a calculation based upon the short term rental plan where the purchase has been less than 12 months. Where the time has been greater than 12 months, then the calculation will be based on the long term hire rate and the minimum term for hire. Where the product ordered was new, this will always be the long term hire calculation. The 50% termination clause will be the minimum that will be used as the calculation point for any period of ownership less than this point.
  • No accessories or modifications above the base product price will be calculated in the repurchase calculation price, as these were for personal use and may not be required by the next hirer

The only terms for condition are:

  1. Where the item was the purchase of a fleet disposal item then we do not offer to buy this back.
  2. That the product does not show signs of significant abuse but fair wear is accepted
  3. Where fitted, tyres are pumped up and only showing fair wear (if not then the cost of replacement will be deducted)
  4. Where fitted. batteries are charged up and only showing fair use (if not then the cost of replacement will be deducted)
  5. All accessories and additions as supplied are returned as a complete unit (where this is an item such as a bed, then consumables such as mattresses and cushions are not repurchased or needed for return)