Terms and conditions for air travel insurance

When your are booking mobility aids for holidays involving air travel, you must be aware that your insurance does not cover you from arriving at the air terminal to exiting the terminal at your destination. YOU ARE COVERED BY THE MONTREAL AGREEMENT, but you must follow their rules

Failure to notify the airline at their customer services desk before leaving the terminal, and obtain a damage reference number, will result in your personal liability for damage caused to your product. When correctly informing the airline you have travelled with, you will be fully covered for all damage without any excess costs.

The process is simple: just visit the airlines customer service desk, report the damage, and they will inspect what you are saying and give you a reference number. With that number, we will be able to contact the airline and effect repairs without cost to you.

Remember, once you obtain your mobility product after your travel, thoroughly inspect it to ensure it is not damaged in transit and that everything has arrived safely. If it has, then all is well, otherwise inform the airline before leaving the airport terminal.