Cleaning and repairs of small scratches

Please note; upholstery damage and/or small scratches will be chargeable as these are not covered on the insurance. This will also apply if a collision damage waiver is paid for, as this only applies to a successful insurance claim

Small scratches will be repaired in house and subject to cost price for repair to a maximum of £20 total cost. Where damage exceeds this level then it will be subject to an insurance claim, and where this is successful then the maximum you could be liable for would be the excess. Please remember upholstery is not recoverable from insurance and so would be chargeable.

Where goods are returned with an unacceptable level of soiling then a charge of £25 will be levied to clean the goods.

Fair and reasonable cleaning is expected, but this this should be considered as no more than a simple light clean and not heavy caked on dirt.