Wheelchair Voucher Scheme

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In general, wheelchair services are available to people of all ages who have a long-term need for mobility help. However, the specific criteria for whether you are eligible are decided locally and will vary depending on where you live. Before you can be offered a wheelchair, you will have to undergo an assessment to determine if you are eligible and, if so, what type of mobility equipment is most appropriate. This is normally carried out at an NHS wheelchair service centre or clinic.

Some NHS wheelchair services offer a voucher scheme so that you can have more choice of wheelchair. You receive a voucher to the value of the chair you would have been offered after your assessment. You can then put the voucher towards the cost of a chair that you buy privately or in partnership with the NHS.

If the maintenance of the wheelchair remains the responsibility of the NHS, you will have to return the chair when you no longer need it. However, you can opt for private maintenance, which will allow you to keep the chair permanently.

Not all NHS wheelchair services offer the voucher scheme. Services decide locally whether to have a scheme and how that scheme is applied. You cannot exchange the voucher for cash. The voucher is non-taxable so it does not affect any disability benefits you receive.

We can accept wheelchair vouchers as complete or part payment for a wheelchair or powerchair, give us a call on 0800 111 6234 to speak to our wheelchair, powerchair and seating rehab specialists who will be happy to assist you with this process.