Wheelchair hire without fuss or large costs!

When hiring a wheelchair, you want to ensure you get the best quality chair that suits your needs exactly. Buying a chair can be expensive, and although some companies offer cheap versions, you can never be sure they offer the right calibre of chair or service you require.

What’s more, buying a wheelchair comes with a whole host of hidden costs, costs that we eliminate when you hire a chair from us.

Hiring a wheelchair can provide you with everything you need, for a fraction of the cost.

A few of the benefits of hiring a wheelchair


NO Service charges


NO Repair costs


NO Battery costs


NO Tyre costs

You also get the advantage of…

FREE Fully comprehensive insurance

We take away the worry and hassle of arranging insurance. Your wheelchair will be provided fully insured.

FREEDOM To upgrade should there be a medical need to change the product

Your needs might change, so you should be able to change your wheelchair at any time. Our hire plans make that possible.

FREE Replacement if unable to repair

Never be without your chair when it breaks. We solve the problem by providing a replacement straight away if it can’t be repaired.

  • Long term hire is for those who are looking at a cost-effective total package to cover their mobility product. We provide a service from assessment to delivery, service and support
  • Long term hire means you are signing tor a 3 year agreement but can be terminated with one month’s notice after the first 18 months
  • No ongoing liability following death beyond the minimum as laid down in the terms and conditions. Your mobility scooter, powerchair, manual wheelchair, bed or riser recliner should just return to us.
  • Hire payments will be charged until the goods are released to us

Why use short term hire for your mobility aid

This hire is for those needing an aid for an indeterminate period of time, subject to a minimum charge which Is stated on the order form, but is equivalent to twice the first weeks hire. The rental can be for as long as needed. This provides the benefits of the long term hire, but with no long term contract.

  • Going on holiday and want one when you are there?, but do not wish to, or cannot take your own? Hire one from us.
  • Have someone visiting who has mobility problems? Hire an aid to assist them.
  • Have an injury or operation and need something while you recover? Then hire your assistive needs.
  • Just want to try something before deciding if a mobiity aid is for you?, then hire one. Just trying one in a shop does not give you the opportunity to thoroughly try something. More importantly, if you purchase the product you are renting or a new once from us, we will refund a maximum of 2 weeks rental to you. If you decide to hire long term, then we will allow up to 2 weeks hire as part of the first payment.
  • No matter what your reasons, give yourself or someone else the benefit of mobility assistance during a time of need.

How does it work

  • You need a credit or debit card to use for this kind of rental.
  • Your first payment will be for 1 or 2 weeks hire (depending on the selected product), plus the delivery and collection costs.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the short term hire, subject to an excess on the policy. You can choose either to pay a deposit against any damage, or you can pay a small fee to cover the excess on the insurance policy.
  • You will be charged each further weekly cost as the previous week ends, until you call and arrange collection. This ensures you have the mobility aid available until you have finished using it. Two working days notice are required to end the hire payment.
  • If there is a collection attempt made and the product is not available or we cannot gain admittance to collect the item, then another collection charge will be made. We will also arrange another day for collection to be made.

* Subject to the terms and conditions of use