Professional seating and rehab seating assessment

We do not provide free assessment services for short term hire. You are more than welcome to visit our large well equipped showroom for an assessment of your needs.

If you live too far away to visit, or cannot physically get to us then we do offer a professional assessments in the home, however this service is chargeable. If this is to be part of a long term hire or a purchase, then the professional fee will be fully refunded on completion of the purchase of a product or validation of a long term hire contract.

Our assessors will first off discuss with you what your needs are to gain an understanding of what products would meet your requirements. This will ensure that the assessor will bring with them on the day a range of suitable products configured to meet the requirements discussed. They will arrive with a range of vehicles complete with a selection of cushions, backs and controls etc to ensure that you will benefit from a detailed, practical assessment, and be given the opportunity to hire a fully set up and configured product similar to that you are considering to purchase or long term hire. Only by using the product over a period of time, can you genuinely be sure of the quality of the assessment and the functionality and suitability of what you are considering purchasing or hiring.

The professional fee for the assessment is Β£195 plus a non refundable mileage charge of Β£1.00 per mile. This service carries no obligation for you to purchase or hire a product from us. However, this assessment service will give you the confidence that we are very capable of supplying the correct product for your needs and setting it up to suit your individual requirements. We also have the technical expertise to provide you with the ongoing support you need.

Call us on 0800 111 6234 for an initial discussion or to book an appointment.