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New range of rise recliner chairs

Ever increasing demands for quality along with the NHS requirements has meant a significant investment in a new range of riser recliner chairs. All our new chairs have the following features

  • Rise and Recline plus Tilt in Space actions that supports the user in such a way that pressure in distributed more evenly, thus reducing pressure points.
  • Memory foam cushioning for pressure care and comfort with prolonged use
  • Vapour Permeable 4 way stretch cushion covering that is easy clean
  • Anti microbial ultraleather fabric to all other areas of the chair allowing simple wipe down and cleaning with an anti microbial spray.
  • Battery backup to ensure you will be able to work the chair should there be a powercut.
  • Crib5 fire retardency in the construction and fabric

Whether you are requiring one just for a week or two, perhaps even longer, even trying one before purchase, we offer all these options. Benefit from a truly medically designed chair to provide excellent care and comfort, importantly, the support when standing.

New premises and large display area

With increasing demands the company has moved to new premises of 15,000 sq ft in Tewkesbury. This modern building presents the opportunity of improving and increasing our services to you. No matter whether you need help for a week or longer we will be able to assist you faster.

Included in the premises is over 1,500 sq.ft. of display and assessment area to aid those who can travel to us, the opportunity to view, try and discuss the wide range of products on display, and at the same time arrange a try before purchase hire, thus ensuring that the product chosen meets the users needs and desires.

Urgent deliveries

Having been regularly asked if it was possible to have items such as beds, rise recline chairs, powerchairs delivered on the same day of order. There are times and situations that can lead to an urgent need to have delivery extremely quickly. While this is not a standard service, we are now able to offer this as a premium service allowing delivery to be achieved in most parts of the country within 4 hours of order, but we will give you a timing quote when enquiring. These will always be subject to traffic etc, but we will definitely get your goods to you.

SAME DAY DELIVERY is the latest provision we are offering to help with urgent planning. To find more information about our same day option, click here.