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Sidhil Innov8 Hospital Bed Hire


Week 1 Week 2 - 12 Week 13+
Full Hospital Bed£260.00 pw

(£312.00 pw Inc. VAT)

£120.00 pw

(£144.00 pw Inc. VAT)

£65.00 pw

(£78.00 pw Inc. VAT)

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AccessoryWeek 1Weeks 2 - 12Weeks 13+
Medium Risk Mattress£5.00 (£6.00Inc. VAT)£5.00 (£6.00Inc. VAT)£3.00 (£3.60Inc. VAT)
High Risk Mattress Upgrade£7.00 (£8.40Inc. VAT)£7.00 (£8.40Inc. VAT)£5.00 (£6.00Inc. VAT)
Bed Loop£5.00 (£6.00Inc. VAT)£2.00 (£2.40Inc. VAT)£2.00 (£2.40Inc. VAT)
Overbed Table£5.00 (£6.00Inc. VAT)£5.00 (£6.00Inc. VAT)£2.00 (£2.40Inc. VAT)
Additional Bed Pack£10.00 (£12.00Inc. VAT)£0.00 (£0.00Inc. VAT)£0.00 (£0.00Inc. VAT)

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1st Payment (£) Per Month (£) Per Week (£) Length (Months)
Full Hospital Bed£303.34

(£364.01 Inc. VAT)


(£302.44 Inc. VAT)


(£69.79 Inc. VAT)



1st Payment (£) Per Month (£) Per Week (£) Length (Months)
Full Hospital Bed£253.90

(£304.68 Inc. VAT)


(£257.40 Inc. VAT)


(£59.40 Inc. VAT)


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Sidhil Innov8 Hospital Bed

 Electronic operated hospital bed with backrest, height and knee break functions.

This is a high function full hospital bed that can provide optimum safety as well as performance for a wide range of users due to the level of design and flexibility.

This bed is an easy bed to operate and can be operated by the user if fit to do so, or a carer if need be and required.

This hospital bed is an electric hospital bed that comes with a variety of different functions including knee break functions and adjustable backrests and height.


A bed with a variety of settings including Trendelenburg;

Sidhil has made this bed with recline and raising backrests that can be easily controlled, height adjustments though this bed is usually kept on the lowest setting to prevent and falling situations and knee break functions if needed by the patient/user.

This bed also comes with the Trendelenburg setting which the angles can change from -13 degrees and +13 degrees, inbuilt software avoids trapping.


 A hospital bed designed for easy use by a patient or a carer.

This full hospital bed  can hold a weight capacity of 220kg/ 35 stone and ensures easy mobility and manoeuvrability with minimal effort. The mobile catheter hooks can be placed around different areas of the bed to allow the best convenience.

The low footrest allows the user more visibility for both the patient/user and carer/attendant to prevent any satisfaction with the user.

This bed also comes with triple functioned castors which gives the carer full control of the bed itself as wellbeing easy to move around. The three options are; Brake (castors are locked), Free (all castors free to move in limited spaces) and Track (for easy movement in between/around wards).


Cleaning of the product, anti-microbial and removable of side boars and blow moulded panels.

To help with the cleaning of this product, the plastic bed ends and mattress platform panels can be removed for easier access. It is recommended to remove any accessories that are fastened to the bed to enable maximum cleaning.

The blow moulded panels are durable, smooth wipe able surfaces and due to the open accessible area prevents the chances of liquid pooling.

Products may vary in model and colour (unless specifically requested)


  • Easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Modular and easy to maintain, providing total patient comfort
  • Very easy to manoeuvre and work with, reducing back or handling problems
  • Dual sided CPR levers
  • Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, auto-contour and auto-regression
  • Electrically operated backrest, height and kneebreak with battery backup


Weight capacity: 220kg (35st)
Overall length: 217cm (83.7″)
Overall width: 101.6cm (40″)
Height to bed frame: 39cm (15.4″)
Height (max) with standard castors*: 81.7cm (32.2″)
Height (min) with standard castors*: 41.9cm (16.5″)
Mattress length: 200cm (78.7″)
Mattress width: 80cm (31.5″)
Underbed clearance: 19.3cm (7.6″)


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