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Category 3/4 Care Chair

From: £130.00
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Week 1 Week 2 - 12 Week 13+
Manual (Cat3) Care Chair£130.00 pw

(£156.00 pw Inc. VAT)

£95.00 pw

(£114.00 pw Inc. VAT)

£45.00 pw

(£54.00 pw Inc. VAT)

Powered (Cat4) Care Chair£180.00 pw

(£216.00 pw Inc. VAT)

£130.00 pw

(£156.00 pw Inc. VAT)

£65.00 pw

(£78.00 pw Inc. VAT)

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1st Payment (£) Per Month (£) Per Week (£) Length (Months)
Manual (Cat3) Care Chair£243.48

(£292.18 Inc. VAT)


(£232.18 Inc. VAT)


(£53.58 Inc. VAT)

Powered (Cat4) Care Chair£299.40

(£359.28 Inc. VAT)


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(£67.68 Inc. VAT)



1st Payment (£) Per Month (£) Per Week (£) Length (Months)
Manual (Cat3) Care Chair£214.67

(£257.60 Inc. VAT)


(£197.60 Inc. VAT)


(£45.60 Inc. VAT)

Powered (Cat4) Care Chair£263.00

(£315.60 Inc. VAT)


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Category 3/4 Care Chair

A tilting Care Chair that provides good support whilst sitting for long periods;

This Cabaret Care Chair is excellent in regards to users with more complex needs, whilst being resident and nurse friendly. The category 4 care chair provides maximum support whilst sitting down for long periods of time with a variety of different functions. The chair has a width range from 16”-22” and can hold up to the maximum weight capacity of 25 stone/ 158kg.
The chair offers a powered choice which takes any stress off of the user/ carer, with its electrical operation system. This chair can be ordered in both manual and powered.

A chair to provide maximum comfort and pressure care surfaces;

A great feature of this chair is the interchangeable memory foam seat and back cushions which can change to which ever layout that would be most suitable to match the user’s needs.
Cabaret offers a range of extras that can be ordered when with this chair for example; profiling head cushions, head support cushions, lateral waterfall cushions etc.
These are suitable for users that need specific positioning requirements.

For the seating itself there are a few options of cushion choice, from gel to air.

At home adjustments when things do need altering.

This chair is great if the user needs anything altering without having to cause too much distress. The tilt and recline functions can be used with a control button which is easy and simple. The leg rest operation (recline and lift) can also be operated by the control buttons.

This chair also offers a back-rest structure for people that may have a curvature of the spine, which are altered using two knobs on the back to match the user’s needs.

If you needed to widen the seat width then altering the arms rests height and weight would allow more range for movement to still be comfortable and secure. Depth and height can also be adjusted.

Battery life and moving ability

For this Care chair there is access to free movement due to arriving with four castors, they come equipped with rear locking attachments to prevent any movement on standstill.

This chair does come with a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into a 240V socket, can be detached from the charging lead and can withhold up to 50 cycles of operation.

Products may vary us model and colour (unless specifically requested)


  • Tilt in space action
  • 25st (158kg) weight capacity
  • Articulating back, seven specific profiling positions to acommodate kyphosis.
  • Memory foam surfaces for pressure relief on all contact surfaces
  • Fully adjustable seat width, depth and height


Adjustable arm height: 6 – 12″
Adjustable seat depth: 18” to 22”
Adjustable seat width 16″ to 21″
Max user weight 158kg (25st)


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