Tilt & Recline Multifunction Wheelchairs

Tilt in space and Reclining Manual Wheelchair Hire

We offer a range of reclining and tilt in space manual wheelchairs to hire. These multi-function wheelchairs are designed for those individuals who need to spend longer periods of time in a wheelchair and require additional comfort and support from a wheelchair.  They can be adjusted and positioned to suits a variety of body shapes, sizes and conditions.

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Showing all 5 results

The multifunction reclining tilt in space wheelchairs are designed to be supportive and offer pressure care for the occupant.

These chairs offer a full range of movements with reclining back, tilt in space, elevating legrests and height adjustable arms. As well as being sized to the user these offer options such as thoracic pads and abduction wedge for additional support and comfort.