Paediatric Wheelchairs

Paediatric Manual Wheelchair Hire

Paediatric wheelchairs are built and designed to keep up with the pace of kids, whether they are at home, at school or at play. These wheelchairs are versatile and adaptable allowing children freedom and movement that they may not otherwise be able to have without the use of a wheelchair. We have a range of self-propelled models, that can also be pushed thanks to the rear handles, to suit most situations.

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Showing all 4 results

The Standard paediatric wheelchair are the correct wheelchairs for young children and it is extremely important, that not only the width of the seat, but also the depth of the seat is of the correct size.

If the seat is too deep, then sores could result in the back of the knee, too long and the child will be pushed too far forward meaning legrests are not working the the hinge point of the knee.