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Home is…where the WiFi is

Technology is not just for millennials



There’s nothing more comforting than going home. Whatever you’re doing, however much fun you’re having, stepping inside your house just has that comforting, familiar feeling.


So, you can see why as you get older, living independently really is a huge deal.


These days, with the massive advances in technology and engineering that are available, living at home is becoming a viable option for many elderly people who may have previously been entered into a care home.


That’s not to say that care homes don’t have their place in society of course, and there are many occasions when they are the best option. But people are often able to stay in their own homes for much longer, which is fantastic too.


Some more traditional installations like the stair-lift and accessible baths remain a great help to those with reduced mobility, and riser-recliner chairs are still an item that have the potential to be a real game-changer. These things can mean moving around the house is no longer a struggle, improving mental and physical health massively.


Alongside these, we have everyday technology like mobile phones and tablets. Many of the older generation have embraced these and regularly use them to stay in contact with family over FaceTime, text messages and even WhatsApp groups. The internet is a wonderful tool for those who cannot get out as much, offering supermarket deliveries, information about local groups and clubs, and of course news updates.


As more care is required, there is more technology on hand. There are personal alarm pendants with emergency buttons that connect immediately with a 24-hour local team should they be needed, and a whole host of kitchen gadgets and modifiers from easy-grip handles to kettle-tippers for those tasks we take for granted.


Little things like this really make a difference.


There is a huge range of more technical equipment available, beginning with basic security devices like window and door sensors, doorbells with cameras, and sensors that turn on lights when you enter a room. There are intricate in-home monitoring systems on the market too that learn the patterns of your ‘usual’ behaviour using smart sensors and can then detect when a person has had a fall or left the oven on for example — without the need of surveillance cameras (which let’s face it just seem a bit ‘Big Brother’).



Some of the most popular gadgets recently are the voice-activated virtual assistants such as Google and Alexa. These are relatively affordable and fantastic resources for those with reduced mobility — they will play your favourite song, remind you when to take your medication, or call your friends or family and much more. Once set-up they are fairly easy to operate and can be a real life-line for those confined to the house. Even the mere act of speaking out loud can have positive effects on our well-being.


New gadgets are being created every day and with some encouragement or maybe a few local courses, anyone can learn to use these devices. And if that means an elderly person can enjoy more years in their own home, somewhere rich with precious memories and cherished items, then it is one hundred percent worth it.

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Deck the halls…

(But not too much…)

Christmas. Love it or hate it, we think it has a huge plus side. Sure, it’s a time of cheesy music and over-indulgence, but it also comes with a sprinkling of something rather special: it’s a time that people reconnect.

Families come together.

It may be fleeting, but most people get a chance to spend some quality time with family or friends over the Christmas period, even it is just by text message, phone or face-time call. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to visit others this year, or perhaps people are visiting you. There’s plenty of time for that emergency bathroom clean-up and the purchase of yet more white towels, but if you’re having parents or elderly relatives to stay, there are a few other things you’ll need to consider too.

Depending on the mobility of your relative, you may need to make small adjustments to your home. Simply follow our three-step program of preparation and make sure these lovely visits go without a hitch.

Step one: Sitting

This is something we do a lot of at Christmas, so make sure there is a comfortable chair they can sit in — that they can also get up from easily. Something not too low to the ground, and with a supportive cushion. This goes for both the living room and the dining table.  Allocate them a dining position with plenty of space to move the chair out from the table if at all possible. If you have mobility issues it’s next to impossible to squeeze into a tight corner when also struggling to sit. Look into hiring a fireside chair with a lumbar-support cushion, or even a rise and recline chair if necessary.

Step two: Moving around

It’s lovely to have the house festooned with Christmas cheer, but make sure you’ve not inadvertently created a stressful obstacle course. Keep hallways and doorways free of clutter especially at floor-level. Make sure banisters, sideboards and other furniture that may be used as support when moving around are accessible and not covered with fairy lights or precarious decorations. A range of walking frames can be hired if needed.

Step three: Sleeping

You may be limited on space, but no-one wants to feel like they are a prisoner in their bed or bedroom. Putting an elderly relative on a low sofa-bed may mean they will struggle to get out of it which can be stressful for nighttime toilet trips as well as simply getting up in the morning. Ensure the route to and from the bathroom is clear and there is support if needed for the toilet and shower/bath. Items such as bath-lifts can be easily fitted to most baths, and support rails are also simple to install.

Having elderly visitors can be daunting, but with a little planning, you can ensure they feel as comfortable and welcome in your home as they do in their usual residence. It’s worth the time and effort so you can all get on with enjoying precious time together at this hectic time of year.

After all, the only dramas at Christmas should be on the TV, and the only accidents should be mistaking an orange cream for a toffee penny. But don’t even joke about that…

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A Mobile Rise & Recliner Chair

Side view of the beige and brown riser porter chair, in the rise position, exposing the castor wheel frame underneath.

Mobility Hires newest mobile rise and recliner chair option…

Riser porter chair; A mobile rise and recliner chair


This riser porter chair is a mobile rise and recliner chair with dual tilt in space controls. This porter chair offers flexible positioning when sitting. The high-rising function helps you up to standing. The electric dual tilt in space mechanism in this chair allows you to effortlessly adjust your seating position for maximum comfort, support and pressure relief. This chair also offers you full recline position along with a high leg lift position. It comes complete with back up battery pack, meaning you can take advantage of these great features even when on the move.

Dual tilt in space, full recline, full leg lift and high rise functions


This rise & recliner chair is an ideal option for those who want to be moved between rooms without the need to transfer out of the chair.  Making it a suitable chair option to use in a care, hospice and home environment. The 4 large swivel castors make this porter chair conveniently movable. While the rear locking castors give peace of mind for safety. This riser porter chair is rated to carry users up 25st, however you may find it more difficult to move users over 15st in weight.

Assured cleanliness and hygiene with intelligent fabric



The fabric on this chair complies with CRIB5 fire retardant standards. This intelligent vinyl fabric is designed to provide multi-directional stretch and is also waterproof, anti-microbial, anti-MRSA and has anti-stain resistant properties. You can be assured of this chair’s cleanliness and hygiene.

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A New Unique Lay-Flat Porter Chair

Light and dark grey lay-flat porter chair completely reclined into the lay flat position with half of the arm/back rests lowered showing transfer access.

A new addition for Mobility Hire…

Unique Lay-Flat Porter chair promotes skin immersion and envelopment



This Lay-Flat Porter Chair is a comfortable and supportive seating option. It is incredibly useful for those who may want to be moved from room to room, without the need to be transferred out of the chair. Its unique design promotes skin immersion and envelopment. This reduces and redistributes any pressure on the skins surface, reducing the risk of developing pressure sores. This is especially useful if sitting or lying down for prolonged periods of time.


Tilt, recline and true lay-flat positioning with this unique lay-flat porter chair

Side view of the lay flat chair at maximum recline, the chair is flat all across with all the swing-away rests raised for support and structure.



This porter chair has tilt and recline features, and when fully reclined it offers a true flat lying position. This is very useful for achieving a bed-like position to help with fatigue. It also provides a relaxed position for the user. This lay-flat position also comes with SmartTilt, it intelligently manages the chairs position and ensures there is no unintentional head down Trendelenburg.

Generous leg lift for management of oedema

Side view of the care chair when tilted and recline, the grey back/arm rests are raised and the leg rest is reclined fully whereas the backrest is not.



The gas operated tilt, recline and leg raiser allows you to change your seating position when using this supportive chair for extended periods of time. The generous 90° leg raiser assists in the management of lower limb oedema.

Unique Lay-Flat porter chair; compatible for side transfers

Angled view of the porter chair, showing the grey foam swing away back and arm rests, the castor wheels and full calf support/cushioning.



Our Unique Lay-Flat Porter Chair is also compatible for side transfers. This is thanks to the swing-away backrest wings and swing-away armrests. These incredibly useful features make personal care routines and the fitting of slings, for transfers, much easier. These tasks are made simpler for both the carer and the person sitting in the chair.

Creates skin microclimates and evenly redistributes pressure



There is a matrix of air flow chambers within this porter chair, to promote skin microclimates and to evenly redistribute pressure. The higher density outer of the backrest cushion aids and improves lumbar support. While the foam cores are moveable to create a customised position for you. The gentle contouring in the sacral region helps to achieve and maintain a midline posture and optimal positioning.

Treatment and management of pressure sores

Genuine Dartex PU fabric is well respected in the healthcare industry. This porter chair makes use of this fabric to maximise skin immersion and envelopment. This is very important for a supportive surface in the treatment and management of pressure injuries. Genuine Dartex’s 5 key characteristics:

The covers on this chair are easily removable to allow for correct cleaning or replacement, ensuring compliance with infection control requirements. So, you can be assured of cleanliness and hygiene when using this chair.

Ease of use for the carer and user

Rear view of the lay flat porter chair, with the ergonomic black attendant controls and brakes attached to the grey padded back rest.



The ergonomic push handles and large lockable castors with direction control make pushing this chair safe and easy. The front directional castors make manoeuvring in a straight line, through long corridors much easier and safer. The combination of all the fantastic features makes this lay-flat porter chair an ideal choice for acute, hospice and homecare environments.


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Mobility Hire Has Joined Motability

Dark blue background with white 'Motability' writing in the centre with a white circular flower shape.


We are delighted and proud to announce our working partnership with Motability. Supplying new mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs through the Motability Scheme, nationwide.

Since the Motability Scheme was set up in 1977, it has provided over four and half million vehicles and has helped millions of disabled people to enjoy their freedom and independence. We look forward to joining forces and helping people find that life-changing mobility scooter or powered wheelchair.

What is Motability?


Motability is a national registered charity, with the objective to help disabled people with their personal mobility. The Motability Scheme enables disabled people, in receipt of certain disability benefits, to access a new car, mobility scooter or powered wheelchair.

In exchange for part of your mobility benefit you can lease a new mobility scooter or powered wheelchair for 3 years, delivered to your door, including a “worry-free” mobility package. The weekly amount of your chosen mobility scooter or powered wheelchair is deducted from your mobility benefit, and then any remaining amount is paid directly to you.

With over 400 different approved models available on the Motability Scheme, we are here to help you find the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Who is eligible to use the Motability Scheme?


To be eligible to use the Motability Scheme you will need to be in receipt of one of the following allowances:

  • Higher Rate of Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)


If you are unsure about your allowance then you can contact:

What is included on the Motability Scheme?


For your weekly payment, not only will you get a brand-new mobility scooter or powered wheelchair on a 3-year lease, but your weekly payment also includes a “worry-free” package as listed below:

  • A choice of new scooter or powered wheelchair every 3 years
  • Home delivery & collection
  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover
  • Replacement tyres & batteries
  • 24/7 breakdown assistance & cover
  • Service, maintenance & repairs
  • Friendly & dedicated UK customer service team

To find out more why not download this helpful guide from Motability for more information.

How do you choose a suitable model?


There are lots of factors to consider when deciding on which model of mobility scooter or powered wheelchair might be best for you. Some of the things to consider are:

  • How mobile are you?Mobility is your ability to move. Are you able to walk, sit down, stand up etc. If your mobility is better than a mobility scooter might be a more suitable option, however if your mobility is not a good then a powered wheelchair that you can sit in for extended periods of time might suit you better.
  • What is your typical journey?Are you wanting something to assist you mainly indoors or are you wanting to travel further afield? Another factor to consider, is what sort of terrain you are likely to travel over. Some smaller models of mobility scooter and powered wheelchair are better suited to flat, level surfaces where as other larger models cope better with hills and steeper gradients.
  • Do you need to travel on the roads with your mobility vehicle? If you need to travel on the road for any distance you will need to look at a class 3, 6/8mph mobility vehicle. If you are just wanting something for pavement use then you may only need a class 2, 4mph mobility vehicle.
  • Do you need to transport your mobility vehicle?If you are looking for something to take out with you when travelling in the car, you may need to look at models of mobility scooters or powerchairs that fold or dismantle to make transporting them easier.
  • Where are you going to store and charge your vehicle? – Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are battery powered and so need recharging. You will need to think about where you are going to do this safely and conveniently.

These are just a few on the factors to think about when making your final decision on which mobility vehicle would be suitable for you. We are here to assist you in making this decision, and why we come out to carry out a full home assessment with you, bringing a selection of models for you to try.

How do I get a vehicle on the Motability Scheme?


Like what you’ve read so far and want to know how you go about getting a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair from us on the Motability Scheme? Just give us a call on 0800 111 6234 or complete our “Contact Us” form.

With such a huge choice of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs available on the Motability Scheme it is important that you choose the right model for your needs and lifestyle.

Our fully trained Motability specialists are here to guide you through each stage of the process to getting you mobile. We will come out to your home and carry out a full assessment of your needs and environment, and then help to recommend a suitable model for you.

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About Hospital and Homecare Beds

Hospital and Homecare Beds

Can you hire a hospital bed?

The simple answer is Yes! There are a wide range of hospital beds and homecare beds available for hire. By hiring you can keep the bed for as long as you need it, without the large capital cost of purchasing or the servicing and maintaining a bed. The cost of short rental is much less than purchasing one, plus when you no longer need the bed, you can simply return it so you don’t have to worry about storing it either.

Can you hire a hospital bed for home?

Hospital bed rental offers a great solution for those wanting a hospital bed and mattress, without the commitment of owning and maintaining one. Important things to check when hiring a hospital bed for home is the access. It will be important to select a model that can be dismantled, if necessary, to bring it into your home or up/down any stairs. When renting a homecare hospital bed from Mobility Hire our team of delivery drivers will deliver and assemble the bed in your chosen location. Taking away any of the stress or worry from yourself.

How much does it cost to hire a hospital bed?

Hiring a hospital bed is a much more affordable way of enjoying the benefits they bring, without the large initial out lay and ongoing maintenance costs that purchasing a profiling bed has. Our hospital beds can be hired on a week by week basis for as long as you want, with pricing as low as £22 per week. We also hire a range of accessories to customise the hospital bed depending on the user’s requirements such as mattresses, bed loops, side rails, overhead trapeze, bed bumpers, bed extensions and overbed table.

What is the best hospital bed for home use?

When choosing a hospital bed for use at home it is important to think about what the person using the bed requires:

Do hospital and homecare beds need side rails fitted to the bed so that they are safe and secure in it?

Most rental models have side rails as an optional extra, it is worth checking with a member of our team if you are not sure.

Do they need to have removable head and foot boards so that they can watch tv, interact socially with people and for care duties to be carried out?

Not all hospital bed models can be used without head and foot boards fitted, our homecare hospital bed can be used with all its functions without having to have the head or footboard fitted.

Do you want the bed to be set up on the ground floor or does it need to go up a flight of stairs?

If this is the case you will need to look at a model that can be dismantled into separate pieces so it can be carried up stairs and then reassembled in your desired location.

Does the user require a wider bed than a standard single?

For the larger user or those requiring a bit more space in bed than a standard 3ft single, we offer a range of bariatric beds. These bariatric hospital beds offer a wider mattress platform of up to 4ft.

What size sheets are used on a hospital bed?

Standard hospital beds are normally a standard 3ft single bed size. For these hospital beds you can use standard 3ft single bedding and sheets. Most of the bariatric hospital beds are 4ft wide, in which case you might be better to use bedding and sheets that are designed to be used on a double bed instead.

Why would someone need a homecare hospital bed?

Hospital and homecare beds are incredibly useful tools for helping to keep relatives comfortable and safe at home or in a care environment.

For those who need a bit of help getting in and out of bed, due to reduced balance and mobility, the adjustable height of hospital beds makes this safer and easier.

Hospital beds have electrically powered functions which can elevate and recline the person laying in the bed. By adjusting the mattress position of the hospital bed, you can create a safe and comfortable sleeping space.

Hospital beds also support good care techniques and make carrying out care tasks stress and strain free. The adjustable height supports carers by offering healthy back positions to stop them bending and straining.

Can I put a regular mattress on hospital and homecare bed?

Most standard bed mattresses aren’t suitable for use with a hospital bed. Hospital beds require a mattress that can bend and move with the adjustable mechanism of the bed.

Our hospital and homecare beds mattresses are made from combustion modified high resilient foam within a sewn, vapour permeable and waterproof cover. This allows the mattress to bend and flex with the movement of the hospital bed while still offering the user different levels of support, depending on the selected mattress. We also offer a range of dynamic air mattress replacement systems for hire, to be used on hospital beds, for users who require higher pressure relief.

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Welcoming a new partnership – Permobil

Navy blue Permobil writing, with the 'o' half a line down from the rest of the writing and the dot on the 'i' looks to have fallen to the side.

Here at Mobility Hire, we are delighted to welcome a new partnership with the prestigious brand; Permobil. This exciting new partnership will see a selected range of their products available for short-term and long-term hire, alongside their fantastic complete range available for purchase.

Permobil develop, manufacture and market a range of powered wheelchairs, seating and positioning equipment along side communication systems for people with disabilities. Their products are market leaders in quality, performance, safety and function. The personal approach they take to wheelchairs and seating systems, means that every product that is created and developed has been inspired by the lives of real people with disabilities. They strive to solve the challenges of mobility, comfort and safety faced by customers every day.

Permobil’s rich history and knowledge base helps them to pave the way and go against convention to find new ways to use technology in improving people’s lives. The combination of the 3 companies that make up Permobil; Permobil, TiLite and ROHO, come together to create a combined strength in a complex rehab industry.


Permobil was founded by Dr. Per Uddén on the belief and passion that every person with disabilities should have the right to have their handicap compensated for, as much as possible to the same technical standard we all use in our everyday lives. With this creativity and technology came about their innovative range of current powerchairs.




TiLite is a leading manufacturer and designer of innovative and individually customised manual wheels. Their range of rigid and folding frame manual wheelchairs are made from state-of-the-art materials, like aluminium and titanium. They use cutting edge technology to craft wheelchairs that are customised to each users’ exact specifications.



ROHO is a world leader in seating and positioning systems that prevent and treat pressure injuries, including deep tissue injury while providing skin and soft tissue protection. Their patented air-cell technology lets the cushion move as you do, this prevents pressure sores and helps to ensure long-term comfort and safety of the user. Unlike foam products, these air-filled cells provide the ability to adjust to and support an individual’s changes and movements they make throughout each day.


This exciting partnership opens up a new range of products and services that will be available to our Mobility Hire customers. Helping to solve and accommodate mobility issues in the home and out-and-about. For more information on any of these brands please give our helpful team a call on 0800 111 6234, and they will be happy to assist you.

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The Invacare Aquatec Orca Bathlift

Invacare Aquatec Orca Bathlift

An Invacare bath lift to hire offering safey and reassurance when bathing


The Invacare Aquatec Orca Bathlift has been designed to allow for easy, comfortable bathing for people who have difficulty, and require some extra help with getting in and out of the bath. Its sturdy textured seating platform allows you to simply sit down and lower yourself in to your warm, relaxing bath plus it incorporates increased leg room. Once you have finished bathing the Orca bath lift raises you back up to the edge of the bath for safe transfer back to your feet. The hinged side flaps are flush with the main seat surface ensure a safe comfortable transfer without trapping your skin.

Comfort and support with this reclining back Invacare Aquatec Orca bath lift

This rental bath lift has a reclining backrest of up to 40o to allow you to find a comfortable, supported position when bathing. The Aquatec Orca bath lift features an ergonomic hand control with coloured buttons and emergency stop feature to allow for simple, controlled operation even for those with dexterity issues. It also has an impressive maximum user capacity of up to 140kg (22st) as standard.

A rental bath lift offering transport and storage solutions

Transportation and storage are made simple with this bath lift thanks to is folding backrest, when pushed forward the backrest folds down and automatically unlocks. The backrest and base parts can easily be removed from your bath and they fit neatly together in to a compact size.

This bath lift is available with a transport bag and belt as additional extras. Please see “accessories” for the costs of these items.



Hire The Aquatec OrcaNG Bathlift – From £20 Per Week

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The worlds lightest wheelchair power drive

Sunrise empulse R20 Folding Power Pack

Lightweight foldable pushing aid for manual wheelchairs

The Sunrise empulse R20 is a foldable push device for manual wheelchairs making it even easier to move forward, whether that be uphill, downhill or longer distances. The R20 supports the attendant pushing the wheelchair in lots of everyday situations where you may have previously struggled. Not only is the R20 power pack the only foldable option on the market, attached to or separated from the wheelchair, it is also extremely lightweight. At only 5kg and complete with a handy back pack it makes this an incredibly practical and easy choice when wanting something for transportation. Powered by a 5.8Ah lithium ion battery the R20 offers the user a range of up to 15km and a recharging time of 4.5-5hrs.

Integrated freewheel allowing a self-drive option for ease of use

Another advantage of the empulse R20 is that it still allows the person sitting in the wheelchair to have a self-drive option on self-propelling wheelchairs. Thanks to the integrated freewheel you can drive the wheelchair without having to remove the pushing aid; you simply lift the drive wheel off the ground with the hook provided, allowing you maximum independence when required. Ideal for users up to a maximum weight of 170kg (26.7st).

Compatible with a huge range of manual wheelchairs


This wheelchair powerpack offers high compatibility when combined with most manual wheelchairs. It is easy to fit to any wheelchair, provided it has a box frame and a tube diameter of 22-28mm then the R20 can be fitted and used. Once the docking pins have been fitted to the wheelchair you can then click fix the R20 on to your wheelchair quickly and simply, without the need for tools. It also offers low impact to the weight of the wheelchair as only the small docking pins remain on the wheelchair. It is ideal for tilt in space & reclining wheelchairs as it does not impact or get in the way of the tilt or recline functions.

Easy to use controls and maintenance free


The empulse R20 offers ease of use with its one button on/off controls and light up display to show the battery capacity remaining and the speed range setting. The control unit is also adjustable so that you can find a position that is comfortable, visible and easily accessible. The single motorised wheel has a solid, robust, long lasting tyre and runs from a powerful 250w brushless motor making it maintenance free.

Hire Sunrise Empulse R20 Folding Powerpack – From £70 Per Week

Purchase Sunrise Empulse R20 Folding Powerpack – For £1,299.00 excl. VAT


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Same day or next day delivery

Due to the increasing demand for faster delivery due to unexpected events or hospital discharge etc, we now offer specific fast deliveries direct to you.

We offer a same day service delivering and installing within a 4 hour period, though if considerably further then this may be a little longer, but we will be there as fast as possible.

The cost for this based is upon distance and is charged at £1.85 per mile over the the standard delivery rate, where only one person is required to make the delivery. To calculate, just run the distance from your postcode to ours, which is GL20 8GY. For 2 man delivery, you would need to make this £2.75 per mile

Special day delivery service

Appreciating that you may require your product delivered and collected on a date when we are not due to be in your delivery area, we will offer the service on the date you have requested. However to do this will require an added cost to redirect the delivery vehicle.

Weekends and bank holiday delivery service

Weekend and bank holiday delivery/collection is offered. However it is at a cost rate as shown for the same day service.